Get Behind The Saints

If you've ever been involved in the running of a volunteer run club or association, you'll understand that fundraising is one of our main activities! Although we are an non-professional football club, we still incur most of all the same matchday outgoings as any other football team. We still have association membership fees to pay, as well as the hire of facilities, referee costs and expenses, personal accident cover for our players and the many trips to far away towns that we have to arrange travel for - not to mention the expense of buying kit and equipment.

When it comes to the football, we do our very best to host matches in the best way we can, putting a team on the park each week who we believe will represent the town with pride for those who come to watch us. Unlike clubs in the professional or junior football circuit, we don't charge admission - you can watch our games for FREE, from as close as a few feet away from the touchline. While we raise what we can by holding fundraising events and other activiites within the town, we have no guaranteed income. It is for that reason that we rely greatly on the generosity of our supporters and the Tain community.

Working in conjunction with the debit and credit card merchant, Paypal, we aim to provide our supporters with the option of paying a one off or monthly donation of goodwill to the club, to help with our ongoing expenses. We have no minimum or maximum amount that we ask for - we leave that up to you, the supporter. We only ask that you consider donating in some way. All forms of generosity, no matter how small or large the donation, are gratefully received.