St. Duthus FC: We need your support

As a “grassroots” club, we have never charged our supporters to come along to watch our games — but we’ve always been able to count on the kindness of those who do come along to watch - whether that is by buying a tea, coffee or a pie, or just a couple of raffle tickets.

The sudden end to our 2019-20 season left us in a challenging position when it comes to fundraising. As well having missed out on our remaining home games, we have been unable to hold fundraising events this year, and we were forced to cancel our annual Sportsman’s Dinner, which as our marquee fundraiser in the calendar year is one of our main sources of income.

With that in mind, we would like to make a plea to our supporters to consider making a donation to the club, in an effort to help us meet our aims this coming season. Any amount, no matter how small, would be greatly appreciated by everyone at St. Duthus FC.

To donate in whatever way you wish, please click the button below.


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