Crowdfunding: Help Saints buy a defibrillator

Our club's mission is to provide opportunities for our members to developing their health and wellbeing through the playing of football.  As such, we currently provide football training and organised competition for both adults and youngsters -- and we believe it is our duty to ensure the safest playing environment possible for them all.

After watching the events and rescue of a player collapsed at the Euro 2020 football championship it raised a lot of soul searching and thought as to how we would cope in such a scenario should the unimaginable happen at one of our matches.

The survival rate for someone suffering a sudden cardiac arrest decreases by 10% every minute. Using a defibrillator whilst you wait for the emergency services to arrive could very well save a life.

The vast landscape of the Highlands and Islands can see us travelling between areas that are spread over 150 miles apart - in some cases over to the Islands - leaving us very far from home and on the road a lot.

We have recently put several of our coaches and committee members through SFA approved medical courses but just knowing what to do is not always good enough. 

To give us the best hope for rescue, we are now seeking funds to purchase of a portable AED defibrillator. If purchased, this can be on hand if required at our home games in Tain, and our away games, traveling with us to the many towns and villages we visit when playing football.

Please consider donating to this cause to ensure that we can provide this extra level of care and safety to our playing members.

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